Introducing Inkwell, a cheeky aquatic creature, dwelling just off the coast of west America. Although Inkwell resides in the Pacific Ocean, octopuses as a whole live in the coastal marine waters of every ocean in the world!

Inkwell is your typical young octopus. She has 8 tentacles, perfect for getting her out of trouble quickly (and sometimes into it!). When situations like this arise, Inkwell will free herself from danger by dispersing a cloud of ink, allowing her to get away undetected. Depending on species, octopuses usually live for up to 5 years, and Inkwell likes to make the most of the time she has by enjoying all of her favourite things, such as swimming, guarding her territory or hunting down a delicious seafood lunch of clams, crabs and small fish. Octopuses like Inkwell are very solitary, and live their life on their own. But Inkwell doesn’t mind this, as it gives her more of an opportunity to stir up mischief!

Like many marine animals, octopuses are in danger. Overfishing and habitat pollution (such as littering and improper chemical dumping) mean that sea creatures like Inkwell & Marina are facing challenges every day, and finding food and shelter is becoming increasingly challenging.

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