Supporting Wildlife Vets International

Millpledge Veterinary is partnering with Wildlife Vets International to support them on their mission to protect and save endangered wildlife.

About Wildlife Vets International

Wildlife Vets International
(WVI) is a registered charity that saves endangered species by providing in-country veterinary support and establishing sustainable capacity through partnerships with local organisations.

Millpledge and WVI

To celebrate the addition of the Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World range to our portfolio of products, we will be donating $20,000 to Wildlife Vets International, a charity which provides critical veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects. We plan to add to this initial donation and will review contributions in the future based on sales of the Natural World range.

A proportion of the total amount has already been pledged to WVI’s vulture project. As nature’s most efficient scavengers, these birds are critical to the wider ecosystem. Population numbers plummeted in the 1990s but are slowly recovering, thanks to conservation. With numbers still low, the WVI project will facilitate the exchange of veterinary expertise to make sure that both wild and captive-reared birds have the best chance of survival.

Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World depicts an array of different wild and wonderful animals, so what better way of supporting wild animals in real life than by partnering with an organisation like WVI.

How can you help?

By using any type of Rapz Eazy Tear® bandages, you are helping to fund WVI efforts as we will contribute an allocation of those sales. We will review the contribution on a yearly basis so any increase in sales will be reflected in our contribution.

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