Dermafuse® Tissue Adhesive (3 g)

Surgical Consumables • Dermafuse™ Tissue Adhesive

Includes 4 sterile applicator tips. 3g

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Dermafuse® Tissue Adhesive is a medical adhesive used to bond tissue together following veterinary procedures (i.e. lacerations, abrasions. suture/staple line sealing, tooth extractions, oral surgeries, spaying/neutering and dewclaw removal).

The product contains blue dye to allow users to see where the product has been applied easily.

On contact with body tissue, Dermafuse® changes from liquid to solid state by polymerising to seal the wound within seconds.

The Adhesive stops minor bleeding and binds wound edges. Each 3g bottle contains approximately 175 drops.

Use for: Lacerations, Abrasions, Suture/staple line sealing, Tooth extractions, Oral surgeries, Spaying/neutering, Dewclaw removal.

Includes 4 sterile applicator tips. 3g


  • Packed sterile ready for immediate use.

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